Asia's First Consortium of Inter-Generational Experts
By A.J Minai Follow | Public

In collaboration with a host of organisations from all over the world - "Think BIG" is a movement we've created to build a voice of Inter-generational tolerance, globally. What do we mean? Well, we live in a world today where almost half of urbanised population within the workforce is Millennial. Yet, these Millennials co-exist (or at-least try to) with the generations before (Gen X & Babyboomers) and after (Gen Z).

With that Generational context there are a number of nuances in parallel that are shifting alongside tremendously in a disruptive world. One is obviously Digital Disruption, and how the younger generations carry this Digital age on their sleeves wherever they go or grow. Is that just a good thing? or perhaps there are implications that go far beyond just technology. Implications that have impacted entire generations to come.

Another is the sheer shift in Gender Dynamics that we see happening all around us in countries far & wide across the globe. Men and Women finding new paradigms with themselves to be able collaborate and interact in ways new or even revived.

In this brave new world vision of ours - we see tolerance as key to building a more sustainable workforce in our immediate future.